Friday, September 29, 2006

Compared to last week, the buzz over the NYTimes deal has seemed to quiet down. One notable exception, however, was an extensive article in Info Today, featuring our own Jeff Cutler. Other worthy mentions this week came from blogs. Garett Rogers on ZDNet pointed out that is one of his top choices when it comes to buying targeted ads on sites. The author of “Grin and Barrett” ponders whether the day he found out about will be as memorable as other important days in history. Buttresses Reference Content - USA
... Now it has added a selection of sources from (, the collector of authoritative, branded, traditional reference sources which ...

Don't be a click fraud victim: Two easy steps

... For my "blood pressure monitor" example, the tool recommends sites like,, and many more — great candidates for my ads.

Grin and Barrett – Blog

I remember where I was when the space shuttle crashed, when the twin towers were hit and where I was when I learned about Google. I wonder if I’ll remember I was walking around the exhibitors at my conference last week when I learned about