Friday, September 21, 2007

On the Road with the College Campus Tour recently completed its first ever College Campus Tour. Staff members hung out in the student centers of five colleges — Columbia University, Pace, Hofstra, Brown University and URI — telling students how helps with homework, research and papers, giving them time for what’s really important (napping, socializing, etc.). Fliers, stickers and bottle openers (for those late-night sodas) helped reinforce the message. t-shirts like the ones pictured on staff above were awarded to students who won the Quikie WikiAnswer Trivia Challenge. Check out some students going for the win below:

Would you have been a winner? Here’s a sample of some questions posed to students:

· What is a baby kangaroo called?
· How many teeth are in the human mouth?
· Which president is in on the nickel?
· What do you call a group of dolphins?
· What album is considered the best selling album of all time?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Super Summer Stats From WikiAnswers

Traffic on WikiAnswers really heated up this summer. Today announced that key metrics for WikiAnswers, its UGC site, improved by approximately 50 percent since the end of June 2007.

  • Questions increased by 50 percent since June 26, from approximately 500,000 to over 760,000 today; registered users have increased to over 280,000 in the same period, up from approximately 200,000.
  • According to comScore, unique monthly visitors in the U.S. increased by approximately 50 percent as well, from 2.22 million for June to 3.36 million for August.
  • Daily page views have increased by 50 percent as well.

"To have more than tripled it in only ten months demonstrates a real excitement about what we call 'Q&A the wiki way'. This most recent increase of 50 percent, over the summer months when Internet usage generally drops, is further confirmation,” explained Bob Rosenschein, Chairman and CEO of Answers Corporation. "The community …has really crystallized."

Over the coming months, WikiAnswers will become integrated as a central component of You can read the full release here.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007 Named “Search Engine of the Month” is proud to be September’s Search Engine of the Month, as named by AltSearchEngine. helps over 1 million people daily get relevant content from reliable resources with no links.

Charles Knight, editor of AltSearchEngines, compares results from to other search engines saying, “When I search “Absinthe” on Google, I get the usual 10 disjointed web pages. When I search the same query on, I get, in a matter of seconds, a beautiful 14 page report, with: Dictionary; Etymology, Production, Preparation (The Absinthe Ritual), Czech Absinth, History, Controversy, Effects, Regulations, References (40 citations), External Links, Articles, and the Best of the Web. All perfectly organized and beautifully displayed. It looked like an A+ term paper!”

Knight also gave trumpeted praise for 1-Click Answers, the company’s free download that provides instant access to definitions and reference material from any website. Of the feature, Knight says, “1-Click Answers is a very impressive feature ... Everyone should have it.”

While is not a “pure” search engine, Knight said he named to the winner’s circle because “one of the main qualifications is that those on the list do one thing better than the major search engines.”

For more information, you can read the whole article here.

Saturday, September 1, 2007 named Best of Facebook

Everyone likes to be popular. That’s why is just tickled that it was chosen this August as the BestofFacebook.’s application is for both trivia lovers and those who want to impress their friends with their knowledge. Facebook users choose fresh information from the site such as Word of the Day, Today in History and WikiAnswers, which enables anyone to ask a question on any topic and get a cooperatively-written human answer.

The winners for the BestofFacebook are selected from applications that receive the most number of votes in the month it was submitted.