Friday, January 26, 2007

The cat's out of the bag

On the wires and in the news this week was the rehash of the press release that issued on January 19th about its reported “strong start” for ’07.

Though no real news has been reported from on the search engine as of late, Brainboost was also being talked up this week. One mention came from Search Engine Roundtable. In the article, writer “rustybrick” tells how he received a snarky reply to his question “,” but he received a decent answer from many sources when he asked, “ All in all, he finds the search engine to answer natural-language questions nicer than the competition. The other mention of Brainboost was on WebProNews. Barry Welford said he finds the site to be a good alternative to the now shuttered Google Answers. A letter from the folks at let him know that the site also has community based Q&A from FAQ Farm, now called WikiAnswers. The comments from that letter were added to a post he started on Brainboost at his own blog at Cre8asite Forums. Read through the comments — there are not many — and you’ll see people are skeptically optimistic about its potential.

Looks like AnswerTips is already garnering press, even though it hasn’t officially been released to the public. Guess it’s hard to keep a lid on good things. Ben Frey and Tailfeathers and are giving their readers a preview of what the technology will look like at their blogs already. And Typepad is already showcasing AnswerTips as a widget.
(psst … this blog has AnswerTips too!)

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Anonymous said...

On the Tailfeathers blog the "AnswersTips Enabled/Double-Click any word" image is cropped and unreadable for me. Perhaps you guys could make it so the "What's this" link would be pushed to the line below the image if there is not enough room for both the image and the link. Forcing them to stay on the same line may prevent viewing of that very important image.