Friday, February 2, 2007

1-Click: Perfecting Browsers

Looking to build the perfect browser? According to ComputerWorld, 1-Click Answers will help you near that state of flawlessness whether you use Firefox, Windows or Mac. The add-on was one of 46 mentioned in the article — and 1-Click was mentioned fourth. There’s no saying whether the applications were listed in order of preference, but I’d like to think it’s so.

Elsewhere, had a quiet week in the news. However, it was interesting to see that a majority of mentions and links the site received this week were in comments posted in relation to other articles. For the most part, commentators scorned the accuracy of the reporter’s or another commentator’s statements by hurling the definition or some additional information at them, courtesy of

“Don’t you know what the meaning of ad hominem?”

“Are you so ignorant that you don’t possibly understand the concept of a wage price spiral?”

One blogger “El Johnny Cinco” keeps citing, too. On “All in London”, he likes to use for his Word of the Day feature… Cheerio, mate!

The teacher newsletter went out on Wednesday, and by Thursday parts of it were already spotted online. SegaTech, for instance, shared the information wrote on Black History Month with its readers.

Another blogger, Lemonade just happened upon and felt compelled to spread the good news. Here’s a couplee of snippets from what she writes:

“I thought wikipedia was good, but wow, now I don't need to go through all the reference sites to find something; it's all in one place. It has so much stuff on there you wouldn't believe me if I told you, so check it out yourself.”

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