Monday, February 26, 2007

A News Triumvirate at

Three big press releases came out this week from on Tuesday.

The latest report of the day was the financial results for Q1. The release breaks down the numbers …so if you want to delve into the digits, check it out.

The news that got people’s tongues wagging, however, was the release of AnswerTips. The widget can now be added to any website or blog with just a small piece of code. Marjolein Hoekstra of CleverClogs and an early beta-tester for the product, marked the event by releasing another post about AnswerTips.

Other people just couldn’t seem to get enough of the tool, either. Take for instance Michele Lenta who runs WriteTech. She liked it so much, she added it to My Wine Education and her other personal blogs. Bary Welford also added it to three of his blogs: BPWrap, Stay Go Links, and the Other Bloke’s Blog. AnswerTips also showed up on Yvonne DiVita’s blog Scratchings and Sniffings and Bill Hartzer’s blog, plus many others, too numerous to mention in this post.

Then there were those who might not have installed it, but still talked about it. In the media, mentions were made in Adotas and iMedia. Internet Marketing Monitor, which named as their Featured Search Engine in December, also did a great job reviewing the product for the company this week. Andrew, author of Changing Way, wrote about how he prefers the functionality of AnswerTips over Snap on websites.

But wait … AnswerTips was only the second piece of news released. The third announcement out of this week is about WikiAnswers and its content being integrated on A copy of the press release appeared on the Online Marketing Guy website, while Loren Baker posted a report on Search Engine Journal where the comments also deserve a read.

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