Monday, March 5, 2007

Lists, American Idol and TCEA Fans

WikiAnswers and AnswerTips continue to garner press a week after their initial coming-out. Barbara Quint wrote a piece early in the week on both features in a piece for InfoToday. The article highlights some of the positive feedback the tool has received, as well as some of the questions tools like AnswerTips raise for blog publishers. also made the cut on a couple of lists this week. In the Pensacola Journal, reporter Kate Peabody made a roundup of five hot sites on the web. was listed second with this description:

Want fast facts? This free Internet site has it all. If you've got the questions, they'll most likely have the answers. Not only can you get help on topics such as health, technology and business, the site is user-friendly and a great resource tool for school work. I've used it about a dozen times to help my son with his homework and special projects

Then, made an appearance on a list of 27 favorite Firefox add-ons.

Something to keep your eye on … hakia, a search engine, recently announced that it created an American Idol Search Guide. Putting your opinion of the singing reality show aside, it is interesting to note that in the press release hakia compared their service to that of Wikipedia. The company says:

Unlike Wikipedia or, hakia Galleries(TM) presents pure Web search results which are neither edited by hakia, nor by the visitors.”

After visiting the site, I can see this search engine differentiates itself by categorizing, but it still just looks like links to me.

After attending the TCEA trade show, one attendee decided to post a blog about a couple of interesting companies exhibiting: Google and The blogger notes that comparatively one company is a “giant” and the other “a flea,” but sometimes bigger isn’t always better.

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