Friday, October 13, 2006

1-Click Answers and site receive praise

In the Kudos category this week, there are two in particular to report: A British firm nominated as one of the Best Search Engines on the Web. The final winner will be decided by the masses. Go by the site to cast your vote.

The other recipient of unbridled praise was 1-Click Answers. Upon reviewing the product, Soft32Download said “we were impressed by the quality and cleanliness of your program.” They gave it a 5-star rating and a 100% Clean and Safe to install award."

A couple of education publications are also applauding our efforts. In their September newsletter, the Association of American Teachers told readers that “gives your students instant access to the reference materials they need for papers and research.” They also encouraged educators to take advantage of our free poster center.

Another educator found the content of our last Teacher Toolkit newsletter so compelling that she reprinted part of it on her blog, CU Online. FYI -- the teacher newsletter began offering lesson plan ideas for each topic area. It will be interesting to see if this blogger (who appears on blog list) posts next week’s content, as well. was also cited as a source in a few news articles this week. Alice Hill, of Real Tech News, provided her readers with a history of the Automat courtesy of It seems a modern-day Automat recently opened in New York City. The members of the Manhattan office (and those visiting from Israel) can go by St. Mark’s Place if they’d like lunch via the coin-operated vending machines.

A columnist, Rich Campbell, also used to define a SLAPP lawsuit. Seems an ambitious real-estate developer brought one against a woman simply for showing up at town meetings to voice her opposition to his proposed plan. Nineteen other defendants were named in the grievance.

Elsewhere, a staff intern at The Daily News relied on to tell readers what My Space is all about. I’m not quite sure why the reporter didn’t just go to the About Us link on My Space, but I won’t complain.

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