Friday, October 20, 2006

Slight surge in stock rides recent press

This week, things are looking up – that is for ANSW stock. After being promoted as an Add-on for Internet Explorer 7 by Microsoft, reports started hitting the circuits that our stock was up by 14.7 percent on Wednesday, and as much as 21 percent on Thursday.

Other positive press will hopefully buoy the price. In particular, Information Today awarded with the “Top Information Service” People’s Choice Award for 2006. The announcement said that “Information Today's audience recognized the benefits of's approach with comments like: ‘One click, one site, fast, free access to quality sources integrated on one page per topic, and ‘Thorough, user-friendly and most of all: fast and easy!’ also received an Honorable Mention in the contest as a “Top Social Networking Tool.”

Another warm, fuzzy mention came from a blog called Hidden Business Treasures. In the post, they call “a great way to get specific and trusted information more quickly than you can from Google.”

Blufr also got its due this week when AskMen named it as one of the “Best and Coolest Sites Around.” The writers said about the trivia game that it is “highly addictive, I spent an hour going through some of the questions. It's fun and you might just learn something new!”

BTW – at the markets’ close, the stock price was $13.90

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