Friday, October 27, 2006

CBS Partnership dominates headlines

News of the partnership with CBS definitely dominated the headlines for this week. Many of the mentions were basic reprints of the original press release. These popped up in publications like Media Week to Tech Web. Very few reporters did any actual reporting it seems on the partnership with the news media giant. One exception, however, was Joe Lewis for Web Pro News who at least took the time to comment, “The days of sitting around the television as a family and watching the nightly news are over. People not only want to be informed, they want to be involved in the information gathering process.”

Among the commentary and analysis that was made over the media deal, most of it came from bloggers. The writer of Editor Weblog noted that the move by CBS and NY Times to add AnswerTips provides readers with a “
more thorough and informative news experience that only the virtually infinite space and interconnectivity of the Web allows.” Other mentions were seen on Convergence Culture.

Elsewhere, our friend Allen November brought some positive press our way again. Speaking to a school group in Canada, Allen demonstrated how a search for Martin Luther King on Google brings up a pro-Nazi webpage as the top result. November concluded his presentation by stating that students need to search out “authoritative sources on sites such as and be vigilant when it comes to identifying websites.” Thanks, Allen.

In the education category, there were also a great blog from a teacher who uses blufr in his classroom. The Reflective Teacher wrote that blufr is not only educational, but more importantly, fun for his students. He also gives kudos to the fact that “
no matter whether you answer correctly or incorrectly, the site gives you a little more information about the answer.”

There were also a couple of journalists spotted citing info from Answers this week. One columnist in
inserted our definition of junk food while contemplating the debate over whether to tax Twinkies and Twizzlers. Another article from
in Western Mass., used to find the weight of a surprise calf that was born to a Brahma cow who hid the pregnancy from the farm’s owners.

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