Friday, December 29, 2006

AnswerTips gets a warm welcome out the gate

Just as the holiday weekend was gearing up, an article praising the technology and functionality of AnswerTips appeared in a well known blog, CleverClogs. Jay B., who first sent word of this story out, wrote:

I first noticed this beautifully written blog entry (well, of course it’s about us) and was delighted to see a blogger getting excited about AnswerTips…even before we launched it as an offering on the site. But even more exciting — Gil and Michal are now officially Technorati tags! What’s also nice is that this is a serious blogger; Google page rank of 4, which is rare for a blog. As soon as we get this page up there, Liz will be spending a lot of time getting people like this hooked on AnswerTips…

So it looks like we can look forward to more positive press in the New Year about AnswerTips …

An article apropos of the season, came to the defense of the often heckled confection, the fruit cake. The author, Jean Clements, said that in Canada fruit cake was the traditional wedding cake. Whether the guests minded, she doesn’t mention, but she does say that all the information you would ever want to know about fruit cakes can be found at

There were several notable deaths in the news this week, and was repeatedly one place reporters turned when they needed biographical information. Poynter Online, a web resource for journalists, even pointed reporters toward for information on a foiled assassination attempt on former president Gerald Ford. Some album information on the “Hardest Working Man in Show Business” appeared on Ochblog.


AP writer Jake Coyle wrote a story about the Whimsical and Weird Websites of 2006. blufr made the cut. The story has been reprinted in Austin 360 and The Lexington Herald.

Blufr also made another list this week. Bob Stumpel put together a list of games he feels are going to be part of the Web 3.0 phenomenon, and blufr ranked again.

Hope you all enjoy your New Year’s celebration.

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