Friday, December 22, 2006

Stories on Staffers

Many staffers at had interviews appear in the news this week. Rob Formentin had a story in iMedia that explained why advertisers should put their dollars down on Jeff Cutler, Bruce Smith and Chris Witten had a lunch meeting with John Blossom that turned into an article on FAQ Farm and viability of WikiAnswers.

Jacob Shwirtz has also been getting some attention this week thanks to his video and fancy footwork. “Where in Israel is Jacob?” is currently listed in as the #10 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Travel & Places - English on YouTube. The video has also been showing on a number of blogs. Just a partial list is below: is often used as a new source, but this week blufr also proved to be a mouth of authority. In the Winnipeg Free Press, blufr trivia helped answer why the sport of hockey is also known as curling.

On a final note, there’s a blogger in San Francisco whose into the spirit — not the holiday spirit, but the spirit of champagne. And he tells his readers that before they pop some tops off the bubbly, they should check out information about this libation on

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