Friday, December 8, 2006 at iMedia

Robert Formentin brought in a great article about this week during his time out at iMedia.

Reporter Kevin Ryan of iMedia Connection wrote an article that highlighted how is different from the competition and why advertisers should place their ads on the site.

The Columbus Dispatch has an interesting column where they invite users to submit questions and then answer them one a month. Seems that is often the source for these answers.
This month, supplied the facts about when Christmas lights first became popular both inside the home and out.

In education, our friend Alan November inspired blogger Ken Ronkowitz to mention us after presenting his workshop last week. Alan gave the group his usual spiel: beware of search and use

Know that Russian ex-spy who was poisoned? It was polonium. What’s polonium? Dallas Morning News gives us kudos for being able to define the extremely rare — and dangerous — element.

The Gadget Guide, which explains the terms behind the technology, has been receiving its own fair amount of press, as well. Tech Whack picked up the press release and Liz has had success encouraging bloggers to review the page.


Stan Carthage lists all he’s learned from blufr … it’s so smart!

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