Friday, December 1, 2006

Questions swirl over who will rule answers space

This week, had a slew of press mentions from the demise of Google Answers. The partnership the company has with Yahoo! Answers received many favorable mentions. The specifics of the story were mentioned everywhere from major newspapers like USA Today to online blogs, like ContentBlogger. One story from TechNews World prominently features comments from's own Bruce Smith.

An old blogger friend, CU Online, who has been known to repost material from the Teacher Toolkit newsletter was up to it again this week. She reprinted content from the November 26th newsletter on both blufr and on our graphic organizer, Research Right. Mobile Answers got some press of its own in the education community. Steve Demb mentioned MobileAnswers as a valuable tool for teachers during his K-12 Online Conference presentation on mobile learning resources.


Perhaps this guy should be writing copy for blufr. On his corporate blog, he states, “blufr is a trivia question game. More fun than playing board games with your teenage children ("what's a board game?"), more addictive than cannabis, more informative than the nine o'clock news, playing Blufr is better for your career than suicide and better for your verbal skills than a total laryngectomy.”

Another witty write up on the blogs this week challenges users: I bet you can’t just click one.

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